Gringos Patagonia's aim is to bring visitors closer to nature in this hidden part of the earth, a place of infinite horizons - PATAGONIA.

Surrounded by majestic landscapes between mountains there are forests of enormous trees, picturesque pastures, and glittering lakes, reason enough that we invite you to share with us all these beauties. Be assured that our experience, services, and knowledge will make your stay here with us an unforgettable adventure in a secure and friendly environment.

Our motto is: "Back to nature, to a healthy environment, irrespective which of many options you may choose". Any one of them will, no doubt, meet your expectations.

Sincerely Yours,

Gringos Patagonia Team

Av. E. Bustillo Km 24,300
8409 Llao-Llao
Tel./Fax: +54/294/4448023